Delete PDF Pages

Click to Upload File

1. Select Pages

  • Certain Pages : Delete only certain pages
    • If you have 20 PDF pages but want to delete Page 3,6,10 right away
    • Enter 3,6,10 in the page number field
  • Page Range : Deleting Consecutive Pages From All Pages
    • If you have 20 pages PDF but want to delete Page 3,4,5,6,7 it means 3 to 7 at a time
    • Enter 3-7 in From the Field


2. Place your files in the Drop area or you can open File Explorer / Finder by clicking on the Icon

Need Help:

  • You can contact me on Discord, Telegram or byEmail, we'll have discuss there if you want to report bug or have greate idea to upgrade this program.
  • Mobile web link may not work in some country. So, search PDFCroppers in Telegram and you'll find a channel.

Note: All your file/files are automatically deleted up to 30 minute after uploading /creating

Acrobat PDF Document (Portable Text Format) is packed with many features. Its endless use of options has led to the end of popularity. PDF files are used to represent two-dimensional texts independently of the application, hardware, and operating system. In this article, we will focus on some common problems that people face while working with PDF.

For example, you've compiled content from a variety of documents, but now you have a lot of information pages you don't need. Deleting certain pages requires a specific set of rules to follow. However, you need not worry, as you can easily delete a single page or group of pages just following the instructions below:

Open the PDF document and click the Pages tab on the left side of the screen to display the pages window. Pages are shown in thumbnails, called thumbnails.

The first page is shown in the document window. In the Pages window, you can see the first icon highlighted and the red box around the rest of the page. Indicates that page 1 appears in the document window, and that the visible part of the page is highlighted in red.

Now, if you want to delete the third page of a PDF document, use the scroll bar in the page window to move page 3 and click on the page to select it. The icon is highlighted; page display in the document window.

From the options menu in the pages window, select Delete pages.

Delete dialog dialog opens.

Delete page dialog offers two options. Selecting the selected option deletes the pages you selected. If you do, you can click on Options and enter the list of page numbers you want to delete. For example, select page 3 in step 2; the selected option applies to the page deletion dialog, so just click OK.

Verification dialog opens.

Click OK to confirm the page removal. The conversation is closed, and Acrobat removes the page from your text.

Using these steps, you can easily delete any page or pages in all PDF file documents. However, you may run into trouble if the PDF file is damaged or damaged. If it happens, you find corruption, inaccessibility, damage, or finding errors, then you need a clever PDF fix solution. A professional PDF editing tool restores original PDF formatting such as fonts, frames, colors etc. and retrieves page tree, lost pages, redirect table, images, etc. You can reap those benefits by using the Kernel PDF repair tool. This PDF fix tool can fix any type of corrupted PDF file regardless of file type corruption. Kernel Editing PDF comes with a free demo version, which is very useful for knowing the features and functions of the software. It is the best way to test software performance. you can only buy them after you are completely satisfied with the result.

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